A Door Holder is one who takes great pleasure in opening the way for others to experience Jesus.



Your role as a Door Holder will be to make a way for all attendees to experience Jesus. To help make that possible, you will be placed on a specific team at Passion Camp, such as Logistics, Parking, Registration, Squad Wars, Touch, or Resources and will have specific responsibilities throughout the week. Because we believe that WE > ME, we ask that you be available to serve in a variety of capacities outside of your team’s primary responsibility.

Must be 18 years old or older to serve
Must be available to serve for the entirety of the week




Door Holders are asked to arrive on Sunday, June 14 for Door Holder Check-in at 7pm. After Check-in all Door Holders will gather for a mandatory kick-off meeting before moving into smaller groups for team training.



Monday will be all about registration and welcoming the student groups to Passion Camp! We’ll start the day with Passion Camp Registration Training, and then we will spend the afternoon assisting groups as they arrive. From there, we will split up into individual Team Meetings before joining together in the Ocean Center to kick off Passion Camp with the first Main Session! Following the Main Session, we will stay in the Ocean Center to set up for Squad Wars as student groups move into Church Group Time.



Each morning, we will begin with a Door Holder meeting to run through the game plan and prepare our hearts for the day. From there, we will finish setting up for Squad Wars before experiencing the high-energy, fast-action competition that will take place each morning. Groups will remain in the Ocean Center for the Main Session while all Door Holders leave to prepare for lunch. After lunch, we will set up for the evening Main Session and then there will be free time to experience Daytona Beach!

Following beach time, we will gather together for a Door Holder Meeting, the Main Session, and Squad Wars preparation.



We’ll finish loading out of the Ocean Center on Thursday night so you will be free to head home on Friday!



Lunch and dinner will be provided each day starting Monday, June 15.

Starting on Tuesday, each day there will be free time to go experience Daytona Beach!

Each Door Holder will receive Door Holder T-Shirts for the week.


Sunday, June 14//
Door Holder Check-In
Door Holder Meeting
Team Training

Monday, June 15//
Passion Camp Registration Training
Passion Camp Group Check-In
Team Meetings
Main Session
Church Group Time
Squad Wars Arena Set-up

Tuesday, June 16- Thursday, June 18//
Door Holder Meeting
Squad Rallies
Squad Wars
Main Session
Attendee Lunch
Night Session Set Up
Door Holder Meeting
Attendee Dinner
Main Session
Church Group Time
Squad Wars Set-up

Friday, June 19//
Go Home

*Schedule is tentative and subject to change.